About Simlery

Simlery is a free, easy to handle script written in PHP language made for photo gallery management. In an easy and quick way You will be able to add photos to Your albums without subdivisons limit and in many languages!

Our many years of experience involving programming of Quick.Cms and Quick.Cart systems enabled us to create a simple and easy to use tool named Simlery.


Below You will find a list of features embodied in Simlery. We mention only the most significant of them:
  • Pages and sub pages management without depth limit
  • Photo management and assigning them to pages (albums)
  • Possibility of adding multiple photos to galleries
  • Photo comment and vote management
  • Configuration from the administrating level
  • Possibility of adding photo comments and votes
  • Mutiple language versions handling
To get introduced with all features of the tool, use the demo version or download Simlery from download.

Specification and requirements

Before installation get familiar with the specification and minimal requirements of the tool:
  • Simlery is based on Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 license
  • It is written in PHP language and database is based on flat files
  • The tool complies to XHTML 1.1, WAI and CSS
  • Minimal PHP version is 4.3.3 with GD2 library installed
  • SQL database is not required because it's based on file database
  • The script is written in MVC standard, which means that HTML code is separated from PHP and graphic changes will mostly be confined to CSS styles edition only
  • Simlery works properly under restrictive PHP configuration such as E_ALL error reporting, inactive register_globals and active safe_mode option
  • The script will easily deal with thousands of photos!
Detailed installation instruction can be found in a text file, which can be downloaded with Simlery from download.


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If You have any questions concerning installation and handling of Simlery, use the forum or contact us via contact form.