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Quick.Cart and Quick.Cms modifications

We present some modifications we made, that were selected from the list of over 50. Many of these were implemented several times on different websites and online shopping carts.

Adding possibility to attach files to contact form messages
Attaching files to emailsA customer conducts legal audits of terms and policies and wanted his clients to be able to send pdf/doc/odt files via the contact form.

This solution is worth considering by advertisement agencies, legal offices, etc.
Systematic backup copy module
Systematic backup copyA hosting company makes backups once a week. A customer wanted to feel more secure and wanted to have access to backup of order database made every day. We've created a script, based on the CRON program, that archives database to a server once a day. The customer doesn't have to make the copy by him or herself.

We recommend this solution to stores with large product and order database!

Order database by year
Optimazing order databaseA customer had over 12 000 orders in the database, which caused admin panel to slow down. We've divided the database into parts each containg orders from one year. The customer can browse through orders from a selected year and the admin panel speeds up twice! Probability of the order database damage also dropped significantly.

By the way congratulations to the customer for his successful business and this many orders!

Admin panel forms optimization
Admin panel forms slow down when the product database / page / image database contains several thousand items. We make all kind of customized modifications depending on the script's version and the amount of data in the database, which often speed up the website several times and minimize the risk of damaging database of this size!
Exporting orders in HTML format
Exporting orders in HTML formatA customer wanted to export selected orders to a HTML file. The point of the modification was to generate the list of selected orders including customers' data and products and then printing the list in form of a table.